The Little Art Gallery


                      1:Red tree, 48"x48"x2",  $4500, Arylic on canvas

                       2:Autumn, 48"x48"x2", $4500, Arylic on canvas       

                  3:Columbus Ohio, 48"x72"x2", $15000, Acrylic on canvas 

                  4:Red lobster, 48"x48"x2", $4600, Acrylic on canvas 

                       5:Turtle, 48"x48" x2", Acrylic on canvas ,  sold

                      6:Flag, 48"x60"x2", $15000 ,  Acrylic on canvas 


                      7:Blue colour,48"x60" x2", $12000 , Acrylic on canvas 

                     8: sunflower, 48"x60"x2",$16000, Acrylic on canvas

                   9:Let go to see the sunrise, 48"x48"x2", Acrylic on canvas  sold

                        10: Waves and seagulls, 36''x60''x2'',$4700, Acrylic on canvas

      11: Yellow sunflower with birds , 36''x72''x2",5300, Acrylic on canvas